Your digital workout area of the future

With hekori you can easily automate the training in your facility and offer your customers a personalized training. Whether you use hekori as a co-trainer or as fully automated digital coach: hekori guides your customers reliably through their training.

Connected training

Train anywhere. Whether for a free workout or a workout on machines: it has never been so easy for your customers to track their training. You can access the data anytime, anywhere.

Personalized training

Individual support for each customer. After a short anamnesis we only need to know the training goal and the preferred duration. hekori selects exercises and training intensity to suit your customer's needs and even has an eye on the daily condition.

Data security

Always safe access. We protect your data from loss and keep it always available for you and your customers. Data protection is important to us. Therefore we use SSL to ensure encrypted data transfers.

Powerful research

Benefit from many years of research. Together with athletic coaches, sports scientists, physicians, and sports therapist we have developed hekori for you. For maximum workout efficiency.

Automatic adaption

Smart training. With each workout hekori gets to knows you better. We keep an eye on all users and adjust their exercise load to their daily performance and training results.

Fair prices

Pay per use. With hekori you only pay for the service you use.

Conventional machine circle

  • Cardio & strength machines
  • Timed workout
  • Predefined sequence

Dynamic circle

  • Equipment & machines
  • Individual duration
  • Individual sequence

Dynamic Circle

Circuit workout without inflexible timing & sequence?
hekori offers you a dynamic circle without compromises. Your customers are guided individually through their workout and will automatically be led to available training equipment. Machines and equipment in your gym will be used equally. At the same time, your customers will enjoy a training without waiting time.. And because we also integrate equipment, you can save investing in expensive circle machines.

  • You customers never have to queue for equipment or machines
  • No waiting times for equipment or machines
  • Only train with equipment your customers are familiar with
  • Optimal studio and equipment utilization
  • Calculable maintenance period by utilization analysis

Always training

hekori adapts to your facility. With hekori, waiting time on your workout area a thing of the past. No matter what time of day and amount of equipment available - your customers always receive the best possible training recommendation and will never have to wait.

Best service

As a co-trainer, hekori supports your staff in the personal training of your members. Be it on the workout area or on the road. Measurable training successes can now be achieved in just a short time. hekori creates satisfied customers and relieves your staff at the same time.

All operating systems

hekori is a web service. No matter which operating system you use: hekori requires only a current web browser. Whether service computer in the counter area, tablet for your trainers or always in your pocket by smartphone. Managing the workout of your customers has never been so easy.

Your key to better customer relations

Intensity, success and well-being have a direct impact on your customer loyalty.
hekori creates successful, satisfied customers who will stay long-term motivated and loyal to your facility.


95% of our users are happy with their training success.

Digital Coach

85% follow their training recommendations.


More than 80% of our users stay on track.


98% of our users understand system after a brief introduction.

The digital future for
your workout area


Your mobile workout area
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Studio App


Easy to use

The intuitive user interface guides your customers through their workout and is appreciated by young and old alike. As a trainer you benefit from our self-learning training system, which supports you with smart automation.


Reach your goal

You can edit the exercise list of your customers any time. Your Customers can give us feedback on the intensity and complexity of our exercise selection. We will learn from them and will avoid a selection of exercises where your customers feels uncomfortable or incompetent. Thereby they receive a workout with fun factor even at the highest possible intensity.


Customized training

No matter how young or old, how fit or untrained your customers are:
hekori adapts their workout to their goals and personal requirements after each session, thus ensuring their training success. Never before has it been so easy to achieve the training goals.