Upgrade your workout area

The hekori station gives your customers access to their training of the future.

32" Touchscreen

Full HD touch screen with ten finger multitouch

Easy access

Easy access for your customers via transponder

Easy to use

The intuitive user guidance is appreciated by young and old alike

24/7 ready for action

Feel happy about an employee who doesn't need a break


Each user can be guided through their workout in another language at the same time.

Automatic feedback

hekori improves the information workflow between you and your customers by intelligent notifications.
No more lost information!

Smart Analytics

Whether it's utilization of your training area or your users' training progress. With hekori you have all key indicators in focus.

NO waiting time

Use your workout area in the best possible way, so that each user can exercise whenever he wants - no matter whether it is peak times or not.

Ready to go with 4 steps

Easy & quick setup

  • 1. Internet connection

    hekori is an online service.
    An stable Internet connection is required. You can connect the station via LAN or WLAN (WPA2).
  • 2. Digitize your workout area

    Create an inventory of your training equipment and gym machines on the hekori website. New equipment can easily be added and removed anytime.
  • 3. Installation of the station

    Wall mount the station anywhere in your workout area.
  • 4. Hand out transponders

    As soon as a transponder (standard-issue RFID) is handed out, your customers can start their workout.

To your personal workout in seconds

Once registered, the individual data is always and everywhere available.
After identified by your chip, hekori will automatically guide you through your workout. Exercise, equipment, weight and number of repetitions are calculated in real-time individually. The intensity adapts continuously during the workout and hekori learns with each further unit.

Register once

You register a user with his basic data and hand out a personal transponder.

Log in at the station

The user logs in with his transponder at the station. His data is immediately available.

Select Training

The user enters goal, body region and duration. His workout starts right away and adapts to his daily form.