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hekori is a spin-off of the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) of the Heidelberg University. Together with the Institute for Sports and Sports Science (ISSW) and the Heidelberg University Hospital, we are researching the digital training of the future in rehabilitation, fitness and athletics. As a result, the latest concepts from training theory and movement therapies are integrated into the hekori system. Whether prevention, rehabilitation, amateur and top-class sports:
hekori users benefit from the latest scientific knowledge.

Optimized Training Lab

The Optimized Training Lab (OTL) is an interdisciplinary research, development and therapy facility at the Heidelberg University. Together with the Heidelberg University and the Heidelberg University Hospital, it was founded by hekori in 2017. The purpose of the OTL is to develop our products on the latest scientific level directly with and for athletes and patients.

We also support our partners in their research:
Together with the NCT, for example, we are working on the oncological training therapy of the future. Using pseudonymised training data, our mathematical models for oncological training therapy are adapted and tested. The effects of this training on patients are examined in medical studies.


IWR The Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing was the first interdisciplinary think tank of its kind. More than 40 research groups model complex processes for wide-ranging areas of application. This stimulating academic environment inspired the idea of hekori.


NCTFounded in 2004, the National Centre for Tumor Diseases is a leading Cancer Center in Germany and has received a number of awards. It develops strategies of cancer prevention and treatment. One of its research focuses lies on the effects of physical activity and sports before, during, and after therapy.


ISSW The Heidelberg Institute of Sports and Sports Sciences studies has a strong focus on applied research in the fields of high-performance sports,youth sports, and health promotion. Research on health effects, applicable to prevention, rehabilitation, and healthcare, is conducted in close cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine.